As a homeowner or renter, it’s important to keep your tiled surfaces clean and well maintained – and that means keeping your grout clean as well. Dirty grout can start to cause buildup and bacteria, which eventually becomes hazardous to your health. But with so many different grout cleaners on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of grout cleaners.


These types of grout cleaners utilize strong acids, such as hydrochloric acid for example, to break down tough stains and buildup on your grout. However, they can also be harsh on the surrounding surfaces and should always be used with caution. You’ll want to make sure the room is properly ventilated, and you’ll also want to make sure you use all the proper safety equipment.


Oxygen bleach cleaners utilize hydrogen peroxide to lift stains and dirt from grout. This is a safer option for anyone who is concerned about harsh chemicals. However, it may not be as effective on deeply set stains, so if your grout needs a deeper clean, this might not be the most ideal choice for you.


These cleaners use enzymes to break down organic materials, such as food and grease, that can stain your grout and leave it looking discoloured and dull. They are often a good choice for your kitchen surfaces.


Steam cleaning uses hot steam to loosen dirt and grime from grout lines, making it a great chemical-free alternative. However, it may not be as effective on tough stains. Again, if your grout needs a more thorough cleaning, you’ll likely want to choose an alternative method for the job.


The Esteam E1200 machine does a great job of cleaning not only your tiles but your grout as well by producing and vacuuming constantly fresh water for a sanitary and thorough clean that leaves your grout looking brand new.


When choosing a grout cleaner, consider the types of stains that you’re dealing with. Are they darker stains that have been there for a long time? Might you need a deeper clean or something that uses stronger chemicals for these stains? Also, think about whether you have any concerns about using harsh chemicals. It’s also important to look at the instructions on the packaging so that you are familiar with what it’s going to take to get the job done, as improper use of grout cleaners can damage your tile and grout. And remember to always wear protective equipment, such as gloves and eyewear, when using these products. Once you know everything you’ll need to get the job done and how to do it, you’ll have a better idea of which grout cleaner to choose.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional team that uses something like the Esteam E1200 to ensure the job is done effectively and quickly without costing you time.

With the right grout cleaner and proper care, you can keep your tiled surfaces looking their best. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do to get your grout looking new again!