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Now you can pressure wash indoors!

Our unique cleaning system brings the power of pressure washing inside.  Using an enclosed head and powerful vacuums, all the water and dirt are instantly sucked up and contained, leaving your floor looking brand new and drier than cleaning with a mop and bucket.

Our Cleaning Process

Step 1. Remove Furniture

The floor must be cleared of any movable elements such as furniture, rugs etc. This can be done prior to our arrival or we can take care of it as an additional service

Step 2. Remove Puddles or Standing Grease

In areas such as under deep fryers have standing pools of grease or oil, this must be cleared manually before cleaning. Again this can be done prior to our arrival or included as an additional service

Step 3. Spot Treatment of Difficult Stains

Particularly obvious or deep stain areas are pretreated with cleaning solution to loosen them prior to pressure cleaning

Step 4. Pressure Cleaning

We bring on our unique pressure cleaning system which uses high-pressure jets and green-sourced cleaning detergents to blast your surfaces of all oils and dirt. This is all done in an enclosed cleaning head which then sucks the resulting mess up with a high powered vacuum

Step 5. That's it!

The floor is left clean, rejuvenated and 99.9% germ free with less drying time than mop and bucket cleaning.

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Who Uses Our Services

Clean showroom tiles


Get your showroom looking it's best for your customers

Cleaning a restaurant floor


For safety and health in the kitchen and for a beautiful dining area in the front of house


Make a big impact with spotless tiles in your front entrance


You might be thinking of retiling your bathroom. Try rejuvenating them instead!


Industrial floors can accumulate a lot of grease and oil, and that can be dangerous. Now you can blast it out without damaging your stock or equipment.


Get your pool room looking amazing with a quick process that has almost no downtime.

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