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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully all your questions are answered below, but if there is anything else you want to know or you want to request a quote for your job, click the contact button.

▼ Is there a chance it could damage my tile or other surface?2022-09-22T00:25:31+00:00

Generally the process is safe for any hard surface that wouldn’t be damaged by water.

However if the tile is cracked or broken there is the possibility that the pressure jets could dislodge any broken sections.

▼ What surfaces can be cleaned?2022-10-27T19:42:10+00:00

We can clean any hard surface that is able to get wet.

This would include tile, brick, glass, marble, granite, and concrete, as well as any other similar surface we haven’t thought of.

It is also possible to clean low-pile, hotel-style carpets as long as the underlay can get wet.

▼ What is the process?2022-10-27T19:46:26+00:00

The process for cleaning your tiles and hard surfaces is very simple.

First, of course, everything must be moved off the surface (furniture, etc.).  You can do this before we arrive or we can take care of it for you when we arrive for an additional fee.

For any commercial-kitchen-type area that has standing grease on it (such as underneath the fryer) this should be removed manually before the process begins.  Again, this can be taken care of before we arrive or we can take care of it for you as an added service.

Once the floor is ready we pre-treat and hand-scrub any particular problem areas, allowing the detergent to soak in and work to lift the stain.

Then we begin our unique high-pressure “wash-and-extract” cleaning method.  Jets blast the surface with detergent and water, penetrating into the surface and lifting dirt and grease.  Then the dirty water is extracted with a high-powered vacuum, leaving the surface with less water than simple mop-and bucket cleaning.

The floor is left cleaned, renewed and 99.9% germ free and is dry as fast as the machine goes over it.

▼ Does water get all over the place?2022-09-22T01:34:33+00:00

Definitely not!

The whole purpose of this method is to keep water and mess to a minimum.

While the tile under the cleaner gets blasted with water and detergent, that water is immediately removed with a high-powered vacuum, leaving the floor dryer than it would be if you cleaned with a mop and bucket.

Occasionally, if the surface is a uneven or if the washing head tips a little there can be some slight spray of water from the washing head, but this is minimal.

▼ Is there a strong smell?2022-09-22T01:49:53+00:00

Our detergent has a very minimal citrus odour and because the detergent and water are vacuumed away immediately you are left with almost no odour once we are done.

▼ Is the process pet/kid friendly?2022-09-22T01:52:23+00:00


Our detergents are already child and pet safe, but since the water and dirt are vacuumed away in the process, almost no detergent residue is left behind on the surface when washing is complete.

▼ How long do I have to wait after my tiles are cleaned?2022-09-22T01:55:35+00:00

Just a couple minutes!

All the water and detergent are vacuumed away in the process.  When we are finished, the floor is less wet than it would be if you cleaned with a mop and bucket.  As soon as it’s fully dry then you’re good to go!

▼ How long will my job take?2022-09-22T02:03:18+00:00

Of course that depends on the job, but most jobs are completed in the just a few hours.

To give you an estimation, a 1000 square foot job would take around 2 hours to complete.

▼ Are the cleaning products toxic?2022-09-22T02:09:53+00:00

In addition to all of our cleaning products being green and environmentally friendly, our process vacuums up all water and detergent as we go so virtually no residue is left behind.

This is one of the safest forms of cleaning for your hard surfaces.

▼ But my floor is covered in grease! Can you help?2022-09-22T02:12:32+00:00

You bet!  Our high-pressure cleaning system blasts grease from tile and other surfaces leaving them looking almost brand new.

Before the high-pressure cleaning is done, any standing grease on the floor needs to be cleaned manually.  You can do this before we arrive or we can handle it for you as an additional service.

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