The process for cleaning your tiles and hard surfaces is very simple.

First, of course, everything must be moved off the surface (furniture, etc.).  You can do this before we arrive or we can take care of it for you when we arrive for an additional fee.

For any commercial-kitchen-type area that has standing grease on it (such as underneath the fryer) this should be removed manually before the process begins.  Again, this can be taken care of before we arrive or we can take care of it for you as an added service.

Once the floor is ready we pre-treat and hand-scrub any particular problem areas, allowing the detergent to soak in and work to lift the stain.

Then we begin our unique high-pressure “wash-and-extract” cleaning method.  Jets blast the surface with detergent and water, penetrating into the surface and lifting dirt and grease.  Then the dirty water is extracted with a high-powered vacuum, leaving the surface with less water than simple mop-and bucket cleaning.

The floor is left cleaned, renewed and 99.9% germ free and is dry as fast as the machine goes over it.