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Now your indoor hard surfaces such as tiles, garage floors, granite counters, and more can be made to look like new with our indoor pressure washing technology. We use high pressure washing and green sourced detergents to blast out stains and oils, with the resulting mess immediately sucked away instead of just pushed around like mop-and-bucket cleaning, leaving a clean, rejuvenated and 99.9% germ free surface that dries almost instantly.

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Pressure washing works great for hard surfaces outdoors but what do you do indoors?  Our cleaning system brings the power of pressure washing inside, keeping everything clean and contained.  Pool rooms, exposed brick, even granite countertops can now be restored to their original beauty in just a few hours.

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Having your commercial space looking clean and professional is vital to the success of your business.  But how can you get your tiles and hard surfaces looking brand new without closing down your business to replace them.  Now you can rejuvenate your hard surface over night and be ready to open again the next day!


Clean floors and surfaces not only look nice, but in some industrial applications they are vital for safety.  Built up dirt and grease can become a slipping hazard.  But often pressure washing is not an option due to sensitive equipment.  Well now you can pressure wash indoor with absolutely no excess water.

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Our process is simple and worry free. Call us for an estimate and we’ll show you how easy it can be to have your surfaces looking brand new!

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